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eyebrow wigs human hair stick on browseyebrow wigs human hair stick on brows
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Meet the ultimate solution to eyebrow hair loss. Our exclusive 3D eyebrow wigs, available in a range of styles and colors, are handmade with real human hair on a clear gel backing to give you a flawlessly realistic look. Visit our Eyebrow Wigs Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.

  1. Cardani's Best Eyebrow Powder
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    Cardani's Best Eyebrow Powder
    Retail $16.00 Our Price $10.99
  2. Eyebrow Kit | Eyebrow Quad
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    Eyebrow Kit | Eyebrow Quad
    Retail $19.99 Our Price $14.99
  3. Cardani Eyebrow Fixative
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    Cardani Eyebrow Fixative
    Retail $8.99 Our Price $5.99
  4. Brow Wax for Eyebrows
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    Brow Wax for Eyebrows
    Retail $10.99 Our Price $8.99

What Makes Cardani Eyebrow Wigs Superior?

Our Cardani eyebrow wigs are The Original Eyebrow Wig. Over 25 years ago, after losing her hair due to chemotherapy treatments, our founder Carol Galland dreamt of a way to replace her lost eyebrows. After an exhaustive search for realistic 3D eyebrows, she decided to do it herself.

Carol pioneered the technology and techniques that resulted in an entirely new way to replace eyebrows. 

  • Our stick-on eyebrows in human hair create a 3D effect, making them virtually indistinguishable from real eyebrows in appearance.
  • The proprietary clear gel back is comfortable and nearly invisible on the skin, making it infinitely superior to the itchy lace eyebrows offered by competitors that do not blend in with the skin.
  • Our eyebrow wigs are handmade by artisans with over 15 years of experience who individually attach each hair to mimic natural hair growth.


How do I use eyebrow wigs?

Our eyebrow wigs are easy to use and can be applied in a matter of seconds. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Make sure skin on the eyebrow area is clean, dry, and makeup-free. 
  2. Apply a thin layer of eyebrow or eyelash adhesive to the entire surface of the gel backing.
  3. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky.
  4. Place the eyebrow in the desired placement on the brow bone.
  5. Apply gentle pressure for 10 seconds to secure brows.


Which shape should I select?

Our human hair eyebrows are available in 4 shapes:

  • #12: Shorter length with a very subtle arch. Ideal for oval, diamond, and oblong face shapes.
  • #15: Longer length with a rounded arch. Perfect for heart, diamond, and oblong face shapes.
  • #17: Medium length with arched shape. Ideal for round, square, and heart-shaped faces.
  • Men’s Eyebrows: Fuller shape is perfect for men or women who want to customize their brow shape.
  • Read our guide to eyebrow shapes to learn more.



Which color eyebrow wig should I select?

Cardani eyebrow wigs are available in 4 colors:

  • Blonde: A very light blonde color that is perfect for those with light naturally blonde, platinum, or white hair. 
  • Light Brown: A universal light brown shade that looks great on those with dark blonde, red, auburn, light brown, and medium brown hair.
  • Dark Brown: A medium to deep brown color that looks great on those with medium or dark brunette hair.
  • Brownish Black: An off-black color that is ideal for those with a very dark or black hair color.
  • If you have grey hair, we recommend selecting the eyebrow color that is most similar to your hair color prior to turning grey.


More Questions? Visit our Human Hair Eyebrows FAQs for videos, additional info, and more.