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Headcovers offers a wide array of lightweight alternatives to full head wigs. Attachable bangs and halo hair (paired with hats) are ideal solutions for people undergoing chemo, cancer patients, and women with any type of hair loss. These hairpieces offer an affordable and fashionable option perfect for anyone wanting to take on a new look after hair loss. Halo hair is designed with comfort in mind, offering breathability and ventilation under hats because the top part of the head is left uncovered. This attachable hair for hats offers a cool, lightweight hair accessory to add to any hat, turban or scarf style.  It’s easy to secure detachable bangs to any type of headwear with our specialized headbands, scarf grippers or simple fasteners. Baseball hats with hair eliminate the need to buy separate headwear and hairpieces. Straight and curly hair in different lengths and colors are beautifully blended and permanently attached to baseball caps, creating a ready-to-wear hair fashion option with no styling needed.

  1. Scarf Gripper for Scarves and Bangs
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    Scarf Gripper for Scarves and Bangs
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Our "Hats with Hair" Hairpieces

Our "Bangs" and "Hair for Hats' are designed to be worn underneath any head covering. The addition of a hair accessory to your headwear provides a truly natural look, without the negatives of wearing a full wig. Browse our hair accessory options for easy to wear hair that is comfortable and convenient for any occasion. Hair for hats are designed to offer a more complete look with more hair that extends under a hat or other head wear all around the head.