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Eyelashes are more than just a superficial concern - they’re an important part of human expression. At Headcovers, we believe that lashes should enhance the eyes without being the focal point of your face. Ours are designed to mimic the natural growth pattern of human eyelashes, providing a highly realistic appearance. Cardani fake eyelashes can be a wonderful asset to cancer patients or people experiencing alopecia, trichotillomania, aging, or other conditions, because they provide a natural look at an affordable cost. Pair your false eyelashes with eyeliner and a bit of eyeshadow to personalize the overall effect.
  1. Ultimate Volume Mascara by Cardani
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    Ultimate Volume Mascara by Cardani
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    Adhesive for Individual Eyelashes
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The Best Fake Eyelashes from Headcovers

Cardani eyelashes are simply the best lashes on the market. Far from being gaudy or over-the-top, these products are designed for women who desire a truly natural look. Whether you’re hoping to fully replace your fluttering fringe or simply want to add volume to what you’ve already got, our fake lashes are easy to apply, a cinch to remove, and can be used again and again for a consistently realistic appearance.

How to Apply False Eyelashes

Perhaps the most intimidating aspect of fake eyelashes is figuring out how to get them to stick. Rest assured - we’ve got you covered. First, take the eyelash out of the tray and hold it up to your lash line. If necessary, trim the hairs to your desired length. Next, apply adhesive to the base of the lash (we swear by this Secure Hold Eyelash Glue). Then, carefully press the eyelashes into place. We know this is easier said than done; that’s why we designed this Eyelash Applicator. Banish fumbling and achieve perfect placement every time with this handy dandy gadget.

If you’re having trouble getting the hang of it, don’t worry - applying fake eyelashes takes practice. Even the best makeup artists had a learning curve. For answers to all your false lash application questions, see our False Eyelashes How-To guide.

How to Remove Your False Eyelashes

To remove eyelashes, gently pull the strip off your eyelid, starting at the inside corner of your eye (loosen first with a dab of oil-based cleanser if necessary). Then, use a cotton swab dipped in glue remover to clean the back of the eyelash strip. Though it may seem a bit tedious at first, the best false lashes require diligent maintenance in order to last as long as possible - it’s worth it, we promise! Store lashes in a dry place when not in use.

Fake Eyelashes - Did You Know?

Hardly a passing trend, false eyelashes have been worn by women for years to supplement their natural fringe. Max Factor is widely credited with producing the first pair of false eyelashes in 1919, when he sewed real hair onto actress Phyllis Haver's natural eyelashes to enhance them. By the 1930's, Vogue magazine reported the availability of false eyelashes with "bewildering length". In the 1950's, movie stars fully embraced false eyelashes, launching them into the mainstream. Twiggy created a major fashion trend for fake eyelashes in the 1960's, often using three pairs on top of each other to create a dramatic look.

The most expensive false eyelashes that we know of were worn by Madonna in 2009. These mink and real diamond embellished false eyelashes cost $10,000! We told you that our Cardani lashes are a great deal – do you believe us now?

When Will Your Eyelashes Grow Back?

If you’ve lost your eyelashes due to chemo treatment, just remember that you’re not alone. Many women experience lash loss due to illness, but for most this condition is only temporary. After chemo is over, it typically takes 6-8 weeks to re-grow lashes, sparsely at first, gaining fullness over time. However, obsessing over the state of your lash line will not do any good; purchasing fake eyelashes in the meantime can help mitigate the anxiety of the physical changes you’re experiencing so that you can focus on recovering.

How to Choose the Best Fake Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Just like choosing a flattering wig is determined by the geometry of your face, finding the best fake lashes is all about the shape of your eyes. Believe it or not, there are seven basic eye shapes: hooded, round, monolid, deep set, close set, wide set, and almond. Take a look at our Eye Shape guide to figure out what shape you’ve got, and learn how to choose the best fake eyelashes for you.