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Hair loss is difficult to cope with at any age, but it can be particularly tough for kids. Our kids’ wigs are designed for a natural look and exceptional comfort, so children can stop worrying about hair loss and focus on just being themselves. Designed especially for children, these easy-to-wear wigs provide complete coverage in a wide range of colors and styles. If you need help making a decision, our compassionate wig stylists are here to help you choose the perfect wig for your child.

  1. Logan Kids Wig by Amore | Monofilament
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    Logan Kids Wig by Amore | Monofilament
    Retail $342.00 Our Price $291.00
  2. Miley Kids Wig by Amore | Monofilament
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    Miley Kids Wig by Amore | Monofilament
    Retail $435.00 Our Price $303.00
  3. Elsie Kids Wig by Amore | Lace Front
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    Elsie Kids Wig by Amore | Lace Front
    Retail $327.00 Our Price $256.00

Wigs for Kids from Headcovers

There’s no easy time in life to deal with hair loss, but this dramatic change can be especially challenging when it comes to children. For kids who lose their hair due to cancer treatment or a condition like alopecia, the effects can go far beyond outward appearances; hair loss can erode their self-esteem and interfere with countless parts of their daily routine, from school to time spent with friends. A comfortable, natural-looking wig can help your child regain some confidence and get back to just being a kid.

Our wigs for kids are tailored to meet the particular needs of children. Every wig is designed with an extra small cap size and silhouette that’s flattering for petite faces. These wigs are also made from lightweight materials that assure superior ventilation and comfort. For every style, we select high-quality synthetic fibers to provide extra durability and ease of care. Finally, our wigs for kids are designed to fit impeccably, offering a natural look and security during daily wear.


Children’s Wigs for Cancer Patients

A well-chosen wig is a simple way to alleviate some of the stress that children experience during cancer treatment; wigs can help children feel more confident and retain a sense of normalcy in their daily routine, even as they go through daunting challenges like chemotherapy.

Our wigs for kids are designed to provide full coverage of the entire hairline for a look that’s exceptionally natural. They’re also lightweight and breathable to make sure the sensitive skin of the scalp is comfortable during daily wear. Finally, they’re designed in easy-to-wear styles and fits, so kids can look and feel their best without any extra hassle.


Wig Care Essentials

There are a lot of things to worry about when your child is battling a serious illness, and replacing a damaged or worn-out wig shouldn’t be one of them. Synthetic wigs are a great choice for kids because they’re more durable than natural hair options; this means your child can be free to play and go about their regular routine without worry.

To help your child’s wig look great and last for as long as possible, start by pairing it with a wig cap, which keeps synthetic hair cleaner and extends its lifespan. Wash the wig every 6 to 8 wears following this process, and be sure to use tools and products designed especially for synthetic hair when washing or styling the wig.


Choosing a Wig for Your Child

When selecting a wig for your child, start by thinking about his or her personal style. A well-chosen wig can help your child rebuild self-confidence after experiencing hair loss, so you want to make sure that it’s the perfect fit. Our long wigs for girls provide lots of styling options in shades to match almost every hair color, while shorter unisex styles are ideal for kids who prefer a carefree, low-maintenance look. Talk with your child about how he or she would like to look with a new wig, and let those opinions guide your decision.

If you and your child are unsure where to start when selecting a wig, you might narrow down your choices based on face shape. (Here’s a guide to finding the right cut for seven common face shapes.) You could also begin your search by limiting the options to wigs that match your child’s natural hair color. We offer several easy ways to find the perfect color match; you can send in a swatch of hair or a photo, purchase a color ring, or chat with one of our consultants for thoughtful, personalized advice.

If it’s your first time selecting a wig for a child, take a look at our comprehensive guide to wig buying and care for even more tips. For advice or support when buying a wig for your child, reach out to our compassionate team of expert stylists at any time by calling 1-800-264-4287 (HATS).