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Synthetic Wig Care

Caring for Your Synthetic Wig

The great thing about synthetic wigs is that they require very little care and maintenance. Synthetic wigs allow you to have perfect hair every day with almost no effort. Caring for your synthetic wig could not be easier. This being said, it is important to care for your wig properly in order to extend the life span and get the most wear out of it. This tutorial will cover the most important points that every synthetic wig wearer needs to know.

How To Wash a Synthetic Wig


Gently brush the wig thoroughly with a wig comb or brush to remove any tangles.


Shampooing Your Wig 

Add one tablespoon of wig shampoo to a sink or basin filled with cold water. Immerse wig for one minute and agitate gently. Do not rub. Run your fingers over the inside of the cap where it meets your forehead to remove oils and sweat. Be particularly gentle on any hand tied areas of the wig cap as this area is the most fragile. Rinse the shampoo out of the wig in cold clear water until thoroughly rinsed. Your wig can be rinsed in a basin of cold water or under cold running water. Blot the wig gently with a towel. Do not squeeze or wring.


Conditioning Your Wig

After you have washed your wig, you are ready to condition it. The wig should still be wet from washing. Apply a small amount of wig conditioner to your hands and rub together. Carefully work the conditioner through the hair, avoiding the cap. You want to keep conditioner away from the cap. On hand tied areas especially, the conditioner can cause the hand tied knots to become untied, resulting in hair loss. Thoroughly rinse the conditioner from the hair over cold running water. Instead of using regular conditioner, an alternate method is to very lightly spray your wig with conditioning spray, spraying 10-12 inches from the hair.

Drying Your Wig

Blot excess water with a towel. Do not squeeze or wring. Air dry your wig on a wig stand. Do not use a hair dryer and do not brush the wig while it is wet. Wig stands are ideal for drying because they allow air to circulate, reaching all surfaces of the wig. If you do not have a wig stand, you may place your wig on a tall slender object (such as a can of hair spray) covered with a hand towel. Do not dry your wig on a styrofoam head as this will stretch out the cap. You may gently shake your wig and lightly work the hair with your fingertips, but wait until the wig is dry to style. Do not allow your wig to dry in direct sunlight. If you wash your wig in the early evening, it should be dry by morning.


Washing Frequency

For maximum life, it is recommended that you wash your wig every 6-8 wearings. Washing your wig more frequently will stress the fibers and decrease its life span. Washing it less frequently will allow sweat and oils to build up inside of the cap, which will break down the fibers and adversely affect longevity.

To view the products featured in this video, visit our Wig Care Products Page.

See our guide to learn how to wash a human hair wig.

Important "Do's" and "Don'ts" for Synthetic Wigs

Do not expose your wig to heat

Synthetic wigs should not be exposed to heat as this will permanently damage and singe the hair fibers. Do not use heated styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons or hot rollers on your wig. Be cautious when cooking. Keep your head away from hot ovens, stoves or barbecue grills. The only exception are synthetic wigs that are specifically labeled as "heat friendly" or "heat resistant wigs."

Do not use regular hair care products

Only use products that are specifically designed for wigs. Other shampoos and styling agents can cause build up that can damage the hair fibers and shorten the wig's life span. Only use a brush or comb that is specifically designed for wigs as regular hair brushes can be harsh or damaging. See our Wig Accessories for a comprehensive selection of affordable wig care products. 

Do cut your wig

Synthetic wigs come pre-cut and pre-styled. However, many of our customers choose to personalize their wig by having it trimmed or thinned by a professional hair stylist who has experience working with wigs. If your personal hair stylist is comfortable working with wigs, she will be your best option because he or she already knows how your hair is normally worn. Thinning the wig to frame your face shape perfectly or cutting in bangs are options that will customize your look so that your wig fits your individual features. It can add that finishing touch that makes your hairpiece feel just like your own hair. This being said, we don't recommend cutting the wig to drastically change the style as results may not be as expected. 

Do not swim or shower in your wig

We do not recommend wearing your wig during showering or swimming. Your wig can become very tangled and matted when worn in the shower or pool. Attempting to remove the matting can cause damage or breakage. Pool chemicals and saltwater can damage wig fibers and cause them to break down quickly, lessening the lifespan of your wig. Chemical reactions can also cause your wig to change colors.

Pro Tip: If you want to keep your head covered when showering or swimming, we offer a large selection of shower and swim caps to help protect your scalp.

Do use wig care products

Use only hair products that are specifically designed for synthetic wigs. Do not use regular human hair shampoo, conditioner, hair spray or gels on your wig as they will cause build up on the wig, shortening its life span and dulling the hair fibers. Here are some of our favorite products:

Do not sleep in your wig


We do not recommend sleeping in your wig. The friction against your pillow can cause the wig to tangle and mat and the lifespan of your wig will be lessened significantly. We recommend wearing a soft sleep cap to keep your head warm and comfortable while sleeping.

If you must wear your wig while lying down, we recommend using a silk pillowcase to ease friction on synthetic hair. Silk pillowcases are gentle on the scalp so they are also a great option to use as delicate hair comes back in.

Do not brush your wig when it is wet. 

This will stretch and permanently damage the hair fibers. Use only brushes and combs that are designed specifically for synthetic wigs. Your regular hairbrush or comb iwill stretch and stress the fibers. Here are our favorite wig brushes and combs:


Do not dye or color your wig

Synthetic wigs cannot absorb color, although some human hair wigs can. However, even human hair wigs undergo a lot of processing which makes coloring a human hair wig very complicated. We do offer wigs in a wide variety of colors including highlighted and lowlighted shades to help you avoid the need to color your wig. We also offer free wig consultations with our certified wig specialist who can color match your wig style to a swatch of your hair, another wig color or a photo.

Do wear your wig with confidence!


Our high quality women's wigs look extremely natural. No one will know you are wearing a wig unless you tell them. Stop stressing and enjoy that fabulous hairdo that takes minimal effort and looks fantastic 24/7. Prepare yourself for tons of compliments!


How To Store Wigs

For times when you aren't wearing your wig, you will want to use a wig stand for storing your wig. Here are a few more tips:

  • Do not store your wig on a styrofoam form, as it can permanently stretch out the wig cap and cause your wig to become ill-fitting.
  • Wearing your wig in the shower, pool or while sleeping is not recommended, so you will need to keep it on a wig stand during these times.
  • After washing your wig, you should put it on a wig stand to dry. Our wig stands are designed to allow air to circulate underneath your wig as it dries.
  • Wig stands help your wig to hold its shape when not in use.
  • If you don't have a wig stand, in a pinch, you can place your wig on a tall, slender object (such as a can of hairspray) covered with a hand towel.
  • Wigs should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid keeping your wig in a steamy bathroom or in window sill, as the moisture and heat can damage the wig fibers.

How to Make Your Wig More Comfortable

Sizing: Choose the correct size cap. Adjust the wig to the correct sizing with the tabs on the inside of the wig. See our Wig Buying Guide to learn how to measure your head correctly.


Wig CapsWear a wig cap underneath to absorb sweat and provide a buffer between your scalp and your wig.


Cushion BandThis gel filled headband can be worn underneath your wig to relieve pressure points and provide padding, making your wig more comfortable to wear.


Wig Gripper: This comfy velour headband will help keep your wig in place while providing a buffer between your hairline and your wig.


Headline It!: These disposable wig liners are placed inside of your wig to absorb sweat.

Caring for a synthetic wig is incredibly easy. By following a few simple steps, using synthetic wig care products and avoiding heat, your wig will look amazing for many months. Synthetic wigs are incredibly versatile, affordable and available in almost limitless style options.


Be sure to check out our incredible selection of high quality synthetic wigs today!


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