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clip in hair extensions for women 11clip in hair extensions for women 11
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Extensions are a fun and affordable way to spruce up your natural head of hair. The DIY application of clip-in hair extensions offers a convenient styling option for those who value flexibility, while the carefully curated options in our shop promise a high quality appearance. Check out our slick, one-piece extensions as well as multiple weft options. Volume and fullness are finally within your reach with hair extensions from Headcovers.
  1. Layered Pony by Wig Pro
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    Layered Pony by Wig Pro
    Retail $96.00 Our Price $91.20
  2. Aperitif Clip In by Raquel Welch
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    Aperitif Clip In by Raquel Welch
    Retail $83.00 Our Price $70.99
  3. Pouf Hairpiece by Tony of Beverly
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    Pouf Hairpiece by Tony of Beverly
    Retail $62.00 Our Price $46.50
  4. Primp Hairpiece by Tony of Beverly
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    Primp Hairpiece by Tony of Beverly
    Retail $68.00 Our Price $51.00
  5. Shift Hairpiece by Tony of Beverly
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    Shift Hairpiece by Tony of Beverly
    Retail $68.00 Our Price $51.00
  6. Swing Hairpiece by Tony of Beverly
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    Swing Hairpiece by Tony of Beverly
    Retail $75.00 Our Price $56.25
  7. Pony Curl II by Wig Pro
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    Pony Curl II by Wig Pro
    Retail $78.00 Our Price $74.10

Hair Extensions from Headcovers

Even skeptics of instant gratification have to admit the magic of clip-in hair extensions, which provide glamorous volume within minutes. No longer inaccessible to the layman, our clip-in hair extensions are applied with DIY ease to achieve a thick, full head of hair whenever the whim strikes. We’ve got extensions for short hair, long hair, or in-between hair, as well as straight, wavy, or curly clip-in hair extensions. Whether you’re looking for a pop of color, unexpected texture, or enhancement for the locks you’ve already got, find your fix with Headcovers.


Why We Love Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a low-maintenance way to up your hair game - no lengthy salon visit necessary. While semi-permanent or permanent hair extensions cost upwards of $500 (not including the tip!) and require an appointment to apply and remove, clip-in extensions are more affordable, reusable, and accessible - plus, you can tip yourself at the end with a pint of ice cream.


How to Attach Clip-in Hair Extensions

Even though we love the at-home convenience of clip-in hair extensions, there’s no doubt that the application process can take some getting used to. To set yourself up for success, be sure to have large hair clips, a rat tail comb, and your hair extensions on hand before you begin the process.

First, section your hair into a top portion and a bottom portion using the rat tail brush. This is how you’ll hide the clips - by covering them up with a top layer of hair. Next, separate your hair into the same number of extensions as the wefts that you have to attach. If your extension is just one piece, then you’ll move right along to the next step - clipping! The key is to attach the extension at the root of your hair. After it’s clamped, tug on the extension to ensure that it’s secure. Repeat this process with however many extensions you have.

For more detailed instructions (complete with images), check out our How to Put in Hair Extensions guide.


How to Make Your Extensions Look Natural

Making sure your extensions look natural requires more than just correct application. There are a couple of things to keep in mind at the front end, before you’ve even opened the package. First, be sure to buy extensions that follow the texture of your actual hair (you can style it up later). It’s also important to match the color of your natural hair. Most of our extensions come in a range of different shades, and as long as your extensions are within two shades darker or lighter than your natural hue, they should blend in just fine. Still, don’t be afraid to consult one of our licensed cosmetologists toll-free at 1-800-264-HATS (4287) in order to get expert color guidance.   

After you’ve purchased the extensions, you’ll probably want to trim them to the correct length. We recommend taking them to a professional for help.

Finally, after the extensions are attached, it’s important to style them right along with your normal hair so that the faux strands mingle seamlessly with your own luscious locks. Then, the only thing left to remember is confidence - hold your head high, and wear your full-bodied hair with pride.


How Long Will My Clip-In Extensions Last?

With proper care, your clip-in extensions should last for at least a year. Don’t wash them more than once a month, as this can actually damage the extensions. Avoid blow-drying your hair extensions; after washing, simply lay them flat on a clean towel to dry naturally. Brush your clip-in hair extensions, working up from the bottom to the top, and only use gentle products designed for wigs to wash and style hair. When not in use, store them in a cool place away from moisture - we like using a lined shoebox, or even clipping them to a hanger for easy access.