How to Care for A Curly Wig: The Do's and Don'ts of Synthetic Curls

Curly and wavy hairstyles are finally getting the love they deserve! Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and Pinterest are overflowing with tutorials, tips, and tricks to help curly girls embrace their natural hair textures. But what do you do if your natural hair is thinning or falling out due to chemotherapy or alopecia? A curly or wavy wig is the perfect way jump into this trend. Whether you're a curly hair veteran or you're new to the world of spirals, waves, and coils, it's important to remember that curly wigs require special care; care for curly synthetic wigs differs from both caring for straight synthetic wigs and caring for natural curls. Read our curly wig care crash course to keep your synthetic curls in tip-top shape!

Styling & Refreshing Curly Wigs

DO: Use proper styling methods to style and refresh curls

The bulk of styling will be done while your wig is wet. Synthetic wigs have what is called "style memory." This means that the hair "remembers" its original style and will naturally revert back to this style with water. In other words, curly synthetic wigs require minimal styling, but we do recommend using some styling techniques to get the best result.

Some effective and easy curly wig styling methods include: 

1. Shake It

With your damp wig on the wig stand, bring your hands to the underside of the hair and gently shake the hair. This motion will help the curl clumps form and spiral.

2. Scrunch It

Next, bring your hands to the ends of the wig. Cup sections of hair in your hands, bring them upwards and squeeze 2-3 times in a careful pulsating motion to scrunch the curls. This will help create more definition. At this point, we also recommend scrunching in some wig-safe mousse to add hold, definition, shine, and volume.

3. Twist It

Examine your wig and look for any "important" curls such as face framing curls, or any curls that look a little wonky. Add a little extra water to these pieces with a spray bottle and wrap the curl clumps around your finger in a spiral to create a neater, more defined curl. Then scrunch the section to further encourage curl definition. 


Curly Wig Refreshing Methods

In between wig washes, you may notice some frizz, curl separation, or loose, undefined pieces. These issues can be fixed with a simple refresh. Here are a few ways to spruce-up your curls:

1. Spray bottles are a girl's best friend

Forget diamonds; if you want your curly wig to pop, you need a spray bottle! Simply dampening loose curl clumps with a spray bottle will help restore curl defintion. 

2. Conditioner Love 

In synthetic wigs, frizz can be caused by friction, static, or—in the instance of curly wigs—curl clump separation. Applying some wig conditioner to your dry wig between washes can help eliminate frizz and create a smooth look. Try spray-on wig conditioner, or dilute regular wig conditioner with water in your hands and lightly run it over your wig.

3. Pin It to Win It

Rolling and pinning unruly curls overnight is a good, wig-safe way to tame rebellious spirals. 

DO NOT: Use heat on your curly wig

While it's tempting to use a curling iron on your wig to create a perfect curl, it's important to never use heat on synthetic fibers. Synthetic wigs are not designed to withstand high heat, and using heat styling on your wig can singe, melt, and damage the fibers. 

However, heat can be used on heat-friendly / heat-resistant wigs at a recommened heat of 280 degrees fahrenheit or less. If your wig is heat friendly, this will be specified in the product details. If you're interested in purchasing a wig that can be styled with heat, you can shop our selection of heat resistant wigs here.

Detangling Curly Wigs

DO: Use your fingers or a wide tooth wig comb on your dry wig

When it comes to getting tangles out of your curly wig, "gentle" is the name of the game. Carefully use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to gently remove tangles from your curly wig. 

DO NOT: Use a brush or detangle a wet wig

While using a wig brush may be the fastest way to detangle your wig, we advise against using a wig brush on curly wigs. A brush will cause the curl clumps to separate, creating frizz and a "puffy" look that lacks definition. Additionally, a synthetic wig is at its weakest state when wet. Detangling a wet wig can stretch out and damage the fibers, so this should be avoided.

Washing Curly Wigs

DO: Wash every 6-8 wears with wig-safe shampoo and conditioner

Washing your wig about once every 6-8 wears is the magic number to keep your wig clean and sanitary without overwashing. Make sure you always use products that are designed for synthetic wigs to keep your hair in pristine condition. Brandywine is a great, affordable wig care product line. Don't forget to incorporate wig conditioner into your routine for perfectly smooth, tangle-free curls. 

Click here to learn more about how to wash your synthetic hair wig here.

DO NOT: Over-wash your wig or use products that aren't made for wigs

Washing your wig too often can result in damage over time and shorten your wig's lifespan. Using "regular" shampoo and conditioner can dry out the synthetic hair and create harmful buildup, so make sure to invest in products designed for use on synthetic fibers.

Drying Curly Wigs

DO: Blot out excess water with a microfiber towel and air dry on a wig stand

Drying your curly wig is simple: just use a microfiber towel to gently blot out excess water, then set it on a wig stand and allow to air dry. The upright position will allow the curls to form evenly, while the open design of the wig stand will allow air to circulate through the wig for faster drying. 

DO NOT: Blow dry, dry flat, or towel dry.

Heat from a blow dryer is damaging to synthetic hair. Drying flat will prevent curls from forming evenly, creating a lopsided look once dry. Towel drying applies friction to the hair, creating frizz and stringy-looking curls. Air drying on a wig stand is the way to go!

Storing Your Curly Wig

DO: Leave Your Curly Wig on A Wig Stand  Overnight

Placing your curly wig on a wig stand overnight (and on days when you're taking a break from your wig) will keep the curly style in tact.

DO NOT: Shove Your Curly Wig in a Box or Sleep in Your Curly Wig

Storing a curly wig carelessy or wearing it overnight will create tangles, friction and damage the fibers of your wig, disrupting the curl pattern and shortening your wig's lifespan. Additionally, wearing a wig to bed puts unneccessary wear and tear on the wig cap. Put your wig on a wig stand overnight, and wear a sleep cap to bed instead.

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Do you have any tips for caring for curly and wavy wigs? Let us know your best advice in the comments below! For more information and video tutorials about caring for wigs, check out our Synthetic Wig Care Guide


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