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Our collection of hair for hats is all about innovative, convenient, comfortable style. If you’re looking for something lighter than a wig that still offers the “normal” appearance of hair, browse through our selection of halo wigs, wig hats, detachable ponytails, and fake bangs to find the perfect product for your hair loss needs. For once, hat hair is something to love.

Hats with Hair from Headcovers

Innovative, convenient, and comfortable, our hats with hair and hairpieces are designed to offer a wide array of versatile styles that look natural and beautiful for everyday wear. When you purchase a hairpiece or hat with hair from Headcovers, you’ll expand your style options to achieve a look that’s distinctly you—and we know how empowering that can be as you face the many challenges of cancer treatment. Read on to find out why hats with hair attached are among the most popular options for people experiencing hair loss due to cancer, alopecia or other medical conditions, and how you can choose the right one for your lifestyle.


Why Choose a Wig Hat or Halo Hair?

While wigs are great for achieving a look you love after hair loss, they can come with some distinctive downsides. Wigs can be heavy or irritating for sensitive scalps, especially when worn in hot or humid weather. They also require a great deal of delicate care and styling expertise. By contrast, a hat with hair or one of our halo wigs provides an option that’s more lightweight, relaxed, and versatile. Halo wigs or hats worn with attachable hair help you return to a sense of normalcy and showcase your personal style without feeling hot, irritating your scalp, or compromising when it comes to comfort.


Hats with Hair for Cancer Patients

If you’ve just received a cancer diagnosis or are beginning chemotherapy, you have a lot on your mind. Finding head cover options that feel comfortable and look great shouldn’t be a source of worry! A halo wig or fake hair hat is a stylish option that offers exceptional convenience, so you can focus on your cancer treatment. We often hear feedback from women experiencing cancer that wigs feel too painful or constrictive because their scalps are extra sensitive due to chemotherapy. Our chemo hats with hair and other adaptable hairpieces are designed to offer lightweight wear, ease of use, adaptability, and a lower financial investment than a traditional wig. Most importantly, they can be paired with our softest hats for cozy, no-fuss styling. (Pro tip: if scalp sensitivity is a concern, try pairing one of our hat hair options with a bamboo hat. Hats made with bamboo are especially great for cancer patients thanks to the cooling and antibacterial properties of the fabric itself.)


The Halo Hairpiece: Versatile, Comfortable, Natural

If versatility is your number one priority when choosing a hairpiece after hair loss, then a halo hairstyle will be your new best friend! Halo hairpieces are named because of their construction; they’re made with gentle elastic straps that encircle your head in a “halo” shape. Hair in a style of your choosing is attached along the length of the straps, creating a curtain or fringe that extends around your head. A halo hairpiece can be worn underneath any hat or scarf that’s already in your wardrobe, providing the look of hair without the need to wear a full-on wig. This means you’ll have a hair option that’s more versatile than a wig hat or a traditional wig—just pop on the halo and top it off with your favorite headwear! Halo hairpieces are also significantly cooler than traditional wigs, so they’re an ideal option for summer wear.


Hats with Attached Hair

While we love the adaptability of a halo wig for augmenting your existing hat wardrobe, sometimes you simply want a one-and-done look for busy days or times when cancer treatment has you feeling under the weather. In those cases, wigs hats could be your new secret weapon. A fake hair hat can look and feel exceptionally realistic; one of our customers recently said that their hat with attached hair offers a look that’s “just like the regular me.” We can’t think of a better review!

Hats with attached hair are especially practical for summertime wear. Because the hair is only attached at the sides, the top of your head is better able to breathe on hot and humid summer days. In addition, the hat provides sun protection; this is especially important during cancer treatment, because chemotherapy can make your skin more sensitive to UV rays and less able to heal if it experiences sun damage.

As the customer above noted, hats with attached hair are one of the easiest ways to feel like yourself after hair loss. Our extensive collection offers hats with styles for short hair, chin length hair, medium length hair, and long hair in colors to complement your skin tone and achieve a look you love. Best of all, you can just pop them on and go—no styling required!


Detachable Bangs and Ponytails

To add even more versatility to your look after chemo, considering including detachable bangs and ponytails in your wardrobe of head coverings. These creative pieces are a simple and affordable way to switch up your style when you’re dealing with hair loss.

For a classic and casual look, consider a sporty ponytail headband that you can pair with a baseball cap for days spent outdoors with family and friends. We’ve chosen ponytails that incorporate face-framing tendrils of hair for a look that’s especially natural and realistic.

If bangs were a part of your look before chemotherapy, or if you’d like an easy and risk-free way to experiment with bangs, we’ve got hairpieces to help you try out a new style. Our bangs are incredibly realistic and simple to use, designed with soft and supple strands, an ultra-thin weft that lies naturally on the scalp, and practical Velcro that allows them to be attached directly to your favorite hat or turban. We’ve even found extra wide bangs that provide more coverage when paired with turbans and head scarves, so you can feel confident no matter what you’re wearing!


Finding the Right Hat with Hair

If you weren’t much of a hat wearer before beginning cancer treatment, choosing the right head covers can feel incredibly challenging! Luckily, we have decades of expertise and we’re happy to work with you as you find a look that feels natural and restores your confidence.

When choosing your hat or hairpiece, the most important things to consider are your figure and face shape. If you’re petite, larger hats might look overwhelming; if you’re tall or fuller-figured, a statement hat can work to enhance your best assets. Like figure, face shape can help to determine which hat silhouettes are the most flattering. Take a peek at our guide to hat shapes to find out which hat with hair will work best for you! The same factors come into play when selecting a halo or other hairpiece; use our guide to find out which cuts and lengths will best frame your face and show off your style.

Because choosing a hat or hairpiece can be a daunting experience, we’re here for you! Our founder was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989, and it became her mission to make the experience of cancer treatment easier for others. She founded Headcovers to help patients cope with the challenges of hair loss by providing stylish, comfortable, and creative headwear for all lifestyles. If you have questions about finding the right chemo hats with hair, call us at 1-800-264-4287 (HATS).