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Many of us take our eyebrows for granted, but there’s no feature more important when it comes to determining the overall look of our faces. That means a change in the appearance of your eyebrows from hair loss or thinning can seriously impact how you look and feel every day. We’ve curated all the best eyebrow products—including brow stencils, pencils, powders, and more—to help your brows look beautiful and natural. If you are seeking the best brow filler, shop our collection today!

Brow Makeup

Makeup artists and beauty experts agree that our eyebrows are one of our most defining facial characteristics; they show our emotions, frame our features, and balance our faces. If you’ve dealt with thinning or hair loss in your eyebrows, you know how dramatic an effect this change can have on your look—and your confidence, too.

Eyebrow hair loss can occur for many reasons; it may be caused by aging, cancer treatments, alopecia, certain medications, hormone imbalances, burns, chemotherapy, trichotillomania, or simply overplucking. Luckily, there are lots of options when it comes to achieving an eyebrow style you love. From brow powder and pencils to eyebrow mascara and stencil kits, we’ve gathered the best brow products for every preference and level of beauty experience. If your eyebrows are simply thinning or overplucked, the addition of a pencil or powder could significantly improve your beauty routine. If you’ve experienced complete hair loss in your brows, a stencil can help you find the perfect shape for a natural look you’ll love.

Which Brow Shape Is Right for Me?

Choosing a brow shape can be a nerve-wracking experience; most of us have memories of overzealously plucked eyebrows during our high school days, or a bad result at the beauty salon. These days, fuller brows are garnering a lot of attention from makeup gurus, but it’s most important prioritize the shape that’s right for you over the trend of the moment. How can you find the perfect brow? Start with your face shape.

No matter your face shape, the right eyebrow is all about balance and symmetry. For oval faces, a brow with a soft shape and shallow arch helps to maintain your natural balance. For a diamond-shaped face, try a more rounded brow that plays off angular features. Angled arches bring definition to a round face, while oblong faces benefit from shallow arches and brows with wider tails. For a pear-shaped face, experiment with higher arches and an elongated silhouette. Finally, match heart-shaped faces with delicate brows and square faces with silhouettes that make a bolder statement. 

Want to know even more about finding the perfect brow shape? Find our complete eyebrow shape guide here.

How to Draw on Your Eyebrows

Once you’ve discovered the perfect shape, it’s time to start drawing! It might feel daunting to draw on your brows for the first time; a long-lasting eyebrow pencil, like this waterproof option, gives you the most control as you define your ideal brow look. Once you’ve achieved your desired shape, you might use an eyebrow brush to give the pencil a more natural, feathered effect. You can also layer an eyebrow powder over the pencil to create additional dimension. If you’re concerned about achieving an even shape, or want to experiment with different brow shapes to find one that suits you best, a stencil set can make it simpler to get consistent results every time.

Still not sure how to get started? Check out this page for diagrams and step-by-step instructions for drawing your brows.


Eyebrow Makeup for Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis is unquestionably life changing, and the side effects of treatment can seriously impact all parts of your daily routine. While hair loss may seem superficial at first, this side effect of chemotherapy can make it even more difficult to feel like yourself and continue to take part in the things you love.

When it comes to dealing with hair loss there are countless wig and hat options, but the loss of your eyebrows and eyelashes may feel infinitely more challenging—particularly if you aren’t familiar with eyebrow makeup. How can you find the best eyebrow filler or pencil? Which eyebrow shape should you choose? Would an eyebrow wig or temporary eyebrow tattoos be the most realistic option? If you’re searching for the best products when it comes to achieving the perfect brow look, our experts are always on hand. Call 1-800-264-HATS (4287) for thoughtful and compassionate advice when you need it most.