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wig accessories wig stand wig capswig accessories wig stand wig caps
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You’ve pampered your own hair for years, so you shouldn’t consider anything less for your wig! Our consultants are here not only for wig consultations, but to help you select the perfect wig accessories to extend the life of your wig. Browse our vast selection of lovingly curated wig supplies – liners, wig caps, wig stands, specialized brushes, combs, shampoos, detangling sprays and more.
  1. Bamboo Wig Cap | Bamboo Wig Liner
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    Bamboo Wig Cap | Bamboo Wig Liner
    Retail $10.00 Our Price $6.50
  2. Wig Care Set: The Essentials
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    Wig Care Set: The Essentials
    Retail $50.00 Our Price $39.99
  3. Aloe Wig Cap by Cardani
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    Aloe Wig Cap by Cardani
    Retail $10.00 Our Price $6.50
  4. Jon Renau Fiber Love Shampoo
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    Jon Renau Fiber Love Shampoo
    Retail $20.00 Our Price $15.99

Wig Care and Accessories

To keep your wig looking its best, we have curated a selection of our top rated wig accessories. From wig caps and styling products to wig stands, we have your all your needs covered. Using quality wig care products is essential to maintaining your wig and maximizing its longevity.

Wig Caps from Headcovers

Headcovers has a vast selection of wig caps to keep your wig feeling cool and comfortable. Our aloe wig cap is infused with real aloe vera plant, soothing your scalp and wicking away moisture. Our proprietary bamboo wig caps are made from organic bamboo and are as soft as silk. If you like the natural feeling of cotton, our cotton wig caps are another popular choice. Not to be forgotten are the classic nylon and mesh fishnet wig caps. These are incredibly popular and a great choice for keeping your real hair out of your wig.


Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

Wigs are an investment. That's why it is imperative to purchase a quality shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for wigs. Regular shampoos and conditioners can cause build up on your wig, decreasing the longevity of the hair piece, drying it out and even making it feel sticky. You will want to purchase the appropriate kind of shampoo and conditioner depending on if your wig is synthetic or human hair. Our synthetic wig shampoos and conditioners are designed especially for synthetic wigs and will keep them feeling smooth and silky. Our human hair products are extra gentle to ensure the longest lifespan possible for your human hair wig.


Wig Adhesives

Wigs can be secured in many ways. Although adhesives are not necessary for most of our wigs, some individuals like the extra feeling of security. Adhesives such as our toupee tape and "It Stays" roll on adhesive can be secured to the head, keeping your wig in place. Toupee clips can be sewn inside of your wig and secured to your natural hair. Finally gripping headbands, such as our wig gripper and our cushion band will secure the perimeter of your wig and help keep it from sliding.


Wig Styling Products

Regular hair styling products should not be used on your wig. To keep your hair in place, we offer wig hair spray and wig mousse. Mousse is essential for achieving those spiky, tousled looks that are so popular today. Our wig chin styling strap is a simple and handy tool that can be used to secure your wig while you style it on your head. 


Wig Combs and Brushes

Regular brushes and combs can cause static in your wig or even worse, pull at the hair fibers, causing frizzing and breakage. This is why we offer a large selection of quality wig brushes and combs to keep your wig looking its best. Our selection of brushes and combs will allow you to safely style your wig without causing damage.

Wig Stands

Both of our wig stands are easy to use, affordable and ideal for storage. Our metal and plastic wig stands both come apart so that they can be stored flat. This makes them ideal for travel or for neatly tucking into a drawer when not in use. We don't carry styrofoam wig stands because those tend to stretch out the inside of your wig cap. Although they are popular in the wig world, we don't recommend them for this reason.