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headwraps for chemo cancer patientsheadwraps for chemo cancer patients
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Head wraps are a glamorous and stylish choice for women who want to cover their heads in style. Because we specialize in chemo scarves and head wraps for cancer patients, our designs are created with comfort in mind - even for the most sensitive scalps will find the fit secure yet soft and breathable. Browse our head wrap scarf collection for an amazing array of lovely chemo scarf styles, colors, patterns, and textures for every season and budget.
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Head Wraps from Headcovers

Head wraps are the perfect fusion of fashion and function. Women experiencing chemotherapy, alopecia, surgery, or other forms of scalp sensitivity often gravitate towards headwraps because of the simplicity and comfort they provide. If a wig is just a little too heavy and a hat doesn’t seem to suit your style, a head wrap may be the low-maintenance answer you’ve been looking for.


What is a Head Wrap Scarf?

If you’re new to the hair loss world, the idea of a head scarf may seem complicated. Never fear! Our selection of headwraps for women was created with your convenience in mind. Most of our styles are as easy to put on as a hat. Our Bamboo Slip On Pre Tied Scarves, for example, have the structure of a skullcap and come already knotted, but appear to be secured with a sophisticated twist when worn. Since convenience is key when it comes to chemo scarves, our promise is that products on our site can be tied and worn by anyone, with minimal fine motor skills required.


What Makes Our Headwraps for Cancer Patients Special 

If you’ve been in the market for a head scarves for cancer patients before, then you know the difference between head wraps made for anyone and head wraps made specifically for people dealing with hair loss. Since we’ve personally dealt with chemo, we intimately understand the needs of a bare scalp. Our headwraps for women are cut deeper so that they offer full coverage around the head. They’re also designed to avoid itchy seams and internal labels. Cancer scarves should be a joy to wear, not a chore. So you can be sure that a head wrap scarf from Headcovers will feel just as good as it looks. 


Types of Headwraps for Women - a Cheat Sheet 

Since many of our head scarves for cancer patients are slip-on styles, there’s some crossover in this category with other types of head coverings. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we offer: 

  • Durag (do-rag). These feature a skull cap with two ties at the nape of the neck. All you have to do is knot it and go.
  • Pre-tied & easy to tie. These have the appearance of a complicated head wrap, with the aid of some effortless trickery. For example, our popular So Simple Scarves feature a gathered ruffle in the back. But all you have to do is take the attached ties and loop them around the ruffle to achieve a sophisticated cinch. 
  • Snap to wrap. This is a cap with a scarf already attached. Tie it up as a turban, fancy wrap, or decorative band without worrying about head coverage. It’s the perfect balance of versatility and simplicity.
  • True head scarves. Our square head scarves are perfect for tying as a head scarf wrap any way you please. Expect blissful prints in silk and cotton. And check out our How to Tie a Scarf Guide for step-by-step instructions. 


A Guide to Our Favorite Materials 

At Headcovers, we’re proud to offer fabrics that have all been vetted for maximum comfort. Nothing in our shop will be scratchy or uncomfortable. However, each textile has different characteristics and benefits to offer. 

Bamboo Viscose is one of our favorite textiles for cancer head wraps. It’s a strong, durable fabric that wicks away moisture, drys quickly, and adapts to the body’s temperature. We also love our cotton head wraps for women for their soft, easy-to-care-for versatility. Cotton is classic for a reason - it’s soft, light, affordable, and delightfully easy to dye. Our cotton cancer scarves come in luscious prints, including vibrant florals and tie dye.

For ultimate elegance, shop our our silk, chiffon, and satin chemo scarves. Head scarves for cancer patients don’t get more luxurious than pure silk, used for thousands of years to make clothes and accessories that feel like butter to wear. While head wraps made of silk may be slightly more work to care for, this textile is great for special occasions - or to simply treat yourself.


How to Style a Head Wrap

Though head wraps for women tend to have a bohemian feel by nature thanks to the flowing trails of ties, they can be easily be integrated into any wardrobe. The key is to choose a style that matches the casual or dressed-up vibe of your outfit. Our Krista Visor Hat is easy to top off jeans and a t-shirt, while the Solid Silk Scarf would be perfect with something a little fancier. Another trick is to pick a color in the pattern of the headscarf and integrate it into your outfit. For example, our Chiffon Printed Head Scarf, in the denim waves shade, looks just as great with a white summer dress as it does with a navy blue sweater.


Tips for Adding Volume to Your Head Wrap

Whether you’re hoping to minimize obvious signs of illness or just want to achieve a flattering proportional fullness, we know that many women are looking to add volume to their cancer head wraps. So, we’ve got options. Our scarf pad can be worn under a head wrap scarf to fill out the top of your silhouette. Also check out accessories such as the eclectic Asia Volumizer Twist Headband, the floral Sassy Band or the versatile Braided Cuff Headband. 


Head Wraps for Every Season

The only thing worse than a sweaty scalp is an ice cold one. If you live in a climate with fluctuating temperatures, it can be handy to have head wraps in a variety of weights and materials so you can spend time outdoors without worrying about discomfort. Here are some of our favorite seasonal head wraps for women.

Summertime. For summer lovin’, opt for lightweight fabrics that’ll let your skin breathe. We love the Emma Pre-Tied Scarf, eyelet cotton which comes in shades of pretty pink pastel or white. Of course, anything chiffon is perfect for catching a summer breeze, and we’re particularly fond of the Lanie Pre Tied Scarf Cap, which is light and flowy but anchored in place with a viscose band. 

Fall. Autumn colors tend to be richer and more subdued, to match nature’s changes. The Brooke Visor Scarf is perfect for catching football games with under a setting sun, and the Padded Carol Scarf offers easy coverage with an extra layer of comfort. Our Rectangular Accessory Scarf can help transition your favorite summer bucket hat to match the falling leaves, especially in our Light Saddle Paisley or Midnight Coral Paisley hues. 

Spring. Showers mean flowers, which attract butterflies and happiness. Our 100% Cotton Knit Headwrap features a butterfly motif structured around a pink ribbon symbol. The All Cotton Batik Head Wrap is breathable without being too sheer, and comes in vibrant, hand-printed fabrics in infused with the freshness and energy.  

Winter. Our Fleece Headwrap Turban offers heavenly comfort and comes in 13 colors. For the holidays, we like to add sparkle with the warm, sweater knit Gold Lurex Slip on Scarves. And If you’re in for a big chill, don’t forget about our hats for cancer patients. They’re just as comfortable as head wraps, and offer protection against the elements as well as elevated style.